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Lewis Dot Structure Worksheet #1 Homework Problems For Physics

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Chemical Bonding Practice and Review Worksheet for High School Physical Science and/or Chemistry

This worksheet contains many practice and review problems for your chemistry or physical science students. I use this practice problem worksheet when teaching my unit on Chemical Bonding to my chemistry students. These practice problems are intended to supplement your unit on bonding.

The worksheet includes questions and problems on the following:
1. Students will answer questions about the role of valence electrons in bonding.
2. Students will draw Lewis-dot structures of atoms and ions.
3. Students will draw and diagram, using electron dot structures, the change in electrons that occurs when atoms are forming ionic bonds.
4. Rules for determining the location of atoms when drawing Lewis-dot structures of covalent compounds.
5. Students will draw and diagram, using electron dot structures, the change in electrons that occurs when atoms are forming covalent bonds.
6. Students will answer questions about electronegativity and how this determines the type of bond that will form.
7. Using a “Table of Electronegativities”, students will predict the type of bond (nonpolar covalent, polar covalent or ionic) that occurs between two atoms.

I use this 5-page worksheet as additional homework problems for my students. By completing a few problems each night, the worksheet becomes a completed study guide for the unit test.

Included in this product:
--5 page Student Handout
--Table of Electronegativities
--Teacher Answer Key

Both Word document and pdf file are included.

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Lewis dot structure homework problems

Draw dot structures for the following molecules using the S = N - A formula and rules described in the lecture notes. Do your results pass the dot structure tests?

a)      CBr4

b)      NCl3

c)      C2H5Cl

d)      BF4-

e)       SbCl3

f)       OCl2

g)     PF5

Write resonance structures for:

a)      SO3

b)     SO2

c)       HN3

d)      NO3-

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