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Hsa 500 Assignment 2

Clerical SalariesAdministrative SalariesComputer ServicesTotal Indirect CostAllocation Basis:ABC;Indirect Cost to Be Allocated$56,000$55,000$80,000$191,000Allocated to:Physical Therapy (PT)34,00028,50045,000107,500Occupational Therapy (OT)16,00013,00015,00044,000Speech Therapy (ST)6,0002,50020,00028,500Proof Total$56,000$55,000$80,000$191,000Allocation Key:o A = # Visits (Volume): PT = 9,600/OT = 4,000/ST = 2,400/Total = 16,000 (16,000 × $3.50 = $56,000)o B = Proportion of Direct Costs: PT = 60%/OT = 25%/ST = 15%/Total = 100% (% × $55,000)o C = # Computers in Service: PT = 10/OT = 3/ST = 3/Total = 16 (16 × $5,000 each = $80,000).2.Using worksheet #2 that replicates the set up in Table 6–1, enter the new direct cost and the new totals for indirect costs resulting from your work. Total the new results.You are going to re-create Table 6-1. You will use the information from the indirect cost in 6-1. You will need this

MIDDLEVILLE REGIONAL HEALTHCARE2Middleville Regional Healthcare The board of governors are important because ifs authorized in operation, regulation and becoming fully responsible for the management of the organization. The board constitutes of individuals chosen, and they have to make sure that the mission, vision and the objectives of an organization are achieved. They firmly believe in the future success of the organization that is dependent on the high quality, systems that are efficient and comprehensive for the organization (Peloso, 2002).The system or the strategic initiative is meant to make it simpler to be able to run as an organization. The valuable factors assists in providing high quality for the economic and needs ofthe workforce. The governing board of the Middleville has been hired as a consultant for the company, and their aim is evaluating the strategic performance. It will look at the Human Resource, Financing, Information Technology and Marketing (Richardson & Gosnay, 2011). Thedepartments are organized, but there is a lot that needs to be achieved. For instance, in Middleville the beds are 575 and admission are 13,000 in such a case the beds need to be increased. It makes one wonder where the other patients who do not have beds stay. The birth rate in the hospital and there needs to me more facilities mainly beds. The women who give birthand the babies need to be taken care (Jefkins & Yadin, 2000).Therefore, the hospital needs to bring a new wing and each floor caters for different situations. Women who give birth should have their floor, and this makes it more organized. The Human Resource should hire more nurses and doctors who are placed on specific levels, and confusion will be avoided. For instance, a nurse dealing with infants will handle it professionallycompared to dealing with children at the same time they are in the Intensive Care Department

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