Aice English Language Summer Assignment

To ensure that you are completing the correct assignments, please check your course request/teacher recommendations. If you have any questions about the assignments you should complete, you can contact the teacher, guidance counselor or Mrs. Del Valle.

9th Grade Summer Assignments

Pre-AICE World History

2016-17 Cambridge World Welcome Letter


TCI READ Religions Summer Work 2016

Student worksheet TCI

Student Maps 2016

16-17 PreAICE World History Supply List


Pre-AICE English Language

Pre AICE Lang 2016/2017 (email:


10th Grade Summer Assignments

Pre-AICE English Literature

Pre-AICE English Literature Summer Assignment


Pre-AICE Chemistry

Pre AICE Summ Assign


AICE US History

Summer Assig. AICE American


11th Grade Summer Assignments

AICE English Language

Cambridge AICE AS English Language–Summer Reading Assignment for 2016


12th Grade Summer Assignments

AICE English Literature

AICE English Literature Summer Reading 2016


9th – 12th Grade Electives

Pre-AICE Spanish 2

Pre-Aice Spanish 2 summer assignment


Pre-AICE Spanish 3

Pre Aice Span III Summer


AICE Spanish Language

AICE Spanish Summer


AICE Chemistry

AICE Chem Summ Assign 2016


AICE Design & Technology

AICE Design & Technology Summer Assignment


AICE English Language (11th Grade Cambridge English)

To ensure that students are prepared for rigorous academic work in the Fall, it is critical that they remain engaged with text over the summer. Please click on the headline to learn more about the required English Department Summer Reading Assignment.

This year, the EHS summer reading assignment is designed to keep your English/Language Arts skills honed and ready for the next academic year.  All students taking 11th Grade AICE English Language English in 2017 - 2018 should click the "AICE Lang Summer Reading 2017" link below to download the summer assignment.  The additional attachment below is a supporting document that will help you to complete the summer reading assignment. This assignment is due on the first day of class, August 21, 2017.

1. AICE Lang Summer Reading 2017

2. AICE Lang - Summer Reading Rubric

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