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The Revolution Begins Lesson 3 Homework

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1 Chapter 3 Section 1The Revolution Begins

2 Colonists were split on choosing sides on the American Revolution.
Patriots /minutemenLoyalists/ToriesColonists that fought for independence.Colonists that remained loyal to Great Britain.

3 1a. What was the First Continental Congress?
A meeting of colonial delegates to determine what to do about the crisis in Boston.Year: 1774Place: Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaGeorgia colony was not presentActions Taken: halted trade with Britain, prepared militias for war and Declaration of Rights.

4 1b. Why did the First Continental Congress send the Declaration of Rights to the king?
To tell the king the rights the colonies wanted-life, liberty, and property.

5 1c. Why do you think King George III refused to consider the colonists’ Declaration of Rights?
King George III was angry and did not think the colonists had a right to protest.

6 2a. Who warned the colonists of the British advance toward Concord?
Paul Revere, William Dawes, and Samuel Prescott

7 2b. Why did the British army march on Lexington and Concord?
To destroy the militia weapons stored in Concord.Place: Massachusetts colonyMassachusetts part of New England coloniesFamous cities: Boston, Lexington, and Concord

8 2c. What do you think is meant by expression the “shot heard ‘round the world?”
The first shot of the American Revolution had a large impact on the world.

9 3a. What was the purpose of the Second Continental Congress?
Created a Continental Army for defense, while pursuing peace with Great Britain.Year: 1775Place: PhiladelphiaActions Taken: formed army and sent Olive Branch Petition. George Washington takes command of the army and becomes a general.

10 Olive Branch PetitionIs a document asking the king to restore harmony(peace) between Britain and the colonies.

11 3b. How was the Continental Army able to drive British forces out of Boston?
George Washington and his men placed cannons on Nook’s Hill overlooking Boston; exposed British were forced to retreat.


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Chapter 3: The English Establish 13 Colonies


Once the English established their first settlements in North America it began the process of turning into the first 13 colonies that would become the United States.


Class Materials:

Module 3 Homework Sheet 

Module 3 Vocabulary Sheet 


Module 3 Take Home Test

Google Doc Take Home Test


Module 3 Study Topic Sheet

Module 3 Kahoot Game

Module 3 Kahoot Question List




Chapter 4: Independence has been declared and it is time to fight for freedom.  In this chapter we will look at How the revolutionary war was fought, key people and battles in the war for independence, and what the end of the war meant to America and ALL of World History.




Boycott/Commercial Project




Module 4 Homework Sheet (Ready to Print)



Module 4 Vocabulary Sheet (Ready to Print)


Module 4 take-home Test (Ready to Print)


Module 4 Study Topics Sheet Mini-Test 2




4-1 Conflict in the Colonies (Print By: 9-27-2017)

Conflict in the Colonies (Google)


4-2 The Revolution Begins (Print By: 9-29-17)

The Revolution Begins(Google)


4-3 Declaring Independence (Print By: 10-3-2017)

Declaring Independence(Google)


4-4 The Struggle for Liberty (Print By: 10-5-2017)


The Struggle For Liberty(Google)



4-5 Independence (Print By: 10-10-2017)



The Declaration of Independence Do Not Print


Chapter 5: We have just one the revolutionary, but the pride in that victory was erased by the tumult of the revolutionary war.  In this chapter we will learn about the problems of the new government, and see how those problems were solved to make the United States one of the strongest democracies in the world.



Module 5 Vocabulary Sheet 


Module 5 Take home Test


Module FIVE Take Home Essay (Choose ONLY One)




5-1 The Articles of Confederation (Print By: 10-19-2017)


5-4 Ratifying the Constitution (Print By: 10-27-2017)

Ratifying the Constitution(Google)



Chapter 6: The Constition: 



Chapter 6 HW Sheet 


Chapter 6 Vocabulary Sheet 


Chapter 6 Guided Reading 



6-1 Understanding the Constitution DO NOT PRINT

Understanding the Constitution 



Module 7: Launching the Nation:

We have FINALLY finished the constitution and he Unit test and it is now time to see the constitution in Action.  We will Explore the early years of the nation and see how the government formed over THREE presidencies.



Module 7 HW Sheet 


Module 7 Vocabulary Sheet


Module 7 Take Home Test

Module 7 Essay Test

Module 7 Study Topics




7-1 Washington Leads a New Nation-(Print By 11-28-17)

Washington Leads a New nation(Google)


7-2 Hamilton and National Finances (Print By 12-1-2017)

Hamilton and National Finances (Google)


7-3 Challenges for the New nation (Print By 12-5-2017)

Challenges for a New nation(Google)


7-4 John Adams Presidency (Print By 12-7-2017)

John Adams Presidency(Google)


7-5 Jefferson Becomes President (Print By 12-8-2017)

Jefferson Takes Office (Google)


Chapter 8: The Jeffersonial Era

In this section we will look at How Jefferson's term in office would not only change the politics of the era, but would change the way government run for the next 200 years.  He would also change the landscape of the United States, more than doubling the size of the time while leading us into war.


Class Materials

Chapter 8 Mini Projects and HW Schedule




8-1 The Coming of War--(Print By 1/29/2018)

The Coming of War (Google)


8-2 The War of 1812-- (Print By 1/31/2018)

The War of 1812 (Google)


8-3 Settling International Issues (Print By 2/2/2018)

Settling International Issues(Google)


Homework and Materials:

Chapter 8 ORIGINAL Study Topics Sheet


MODULE 8 Vocabulary and Take Home Test A For Students who Acheived Under 70% on Test 8


MODULE 8 Vocabulary and Take Home Test B For Students who Acheived 70%+ on Test 8





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Chapter 9:  A New National Identity

This chapter focuses on the United states from the years 1800 to 1844 and will discuss the rise of nationalism and sectionalism.



Module 9 Homeowrk Sheet 


Module 9 Vocabulary Sheet


Module 9 Take home Test



9-1 American Foreign Policy--(Print By: 2/9/2018)

American Foreign Policy (Google)


9-2 Nationalism and Sectionalism--(Print By: 2/13/2018)

Nationalism and Sectionalism (Google)



CHAPTER 10: In Chapter 10 we begin our look at Jacksonian Democracy on our way to the Civil War.  We will look at how Andrew Jackson became President, His Policies, and the mistakes he made that led to both the depression of 1837 and to the rise of the Whig Party.



10-1 Jacksonian Democracy(DUE 2-22-18)

Jacksonian Democracy(Google)





Module 10 HW SHEET Ready to Print


Module 10 Vocabulary Sheet Ready to Print


Module 10 Take Home Test Ready to Print






Chapter 12: In this chapter you will Learn about the Changes that Occurred in the lives of Americans in the NORTH as a result of rapid Industrialization as well as learning about some of the NEW inventions of the time period.



Chapter 12 HW Sheet 


Chapter 12 Vocabulary Sheet 


Chapter 12 Guided Reading


Essay Test 




12-1 The Industrial Revolution in America (Due 3-17-2017)

The Industrial Revolution In America (google)


12-2 Changes in Worker's Life (Due 3-21-2017)

Changes in Worker's Life (Google)


12-3 The Transportation Revolution (Due 4-4-2017)

The Transportation Revolution (google)


12-4 More Technological Advances (Due 4-6-2017)

More technological Advances (google)


Chapter 13

We are going to start our look at the civil war by examining Southern Society, Southern Culture, and Slavery.  For the rest of the year, everything we discuss  will be leading to the civil war and to truly understand the war it is important to focus on all the parts leading to the Division and war.



Chapter 13 HW Sheet 


Chapter 13 Vocabulary Sheet 


Chapter 13 Guided Reading 


baked Goods vs. Store Bought Goods Instruction Sheet


Industrial Revolution Essay Prompt(Compare and Contrast Essay)



13-1 and 13-2 The Growth of Cotton and Southern Society (Due By 4/28/17)

The Growth of Cotton and Southern Society (Google)


Chapter 14: We are combining the next two chapters in order to start the Civil War Units.  Chapter 14 deals with social changes that led to the Civil War including immigration, Labor Movements, Education, and Print Media, And the push for women's rights and Abolishionist movement. 


Chapter 14 Materials:

Chapter 14 Homework Sheet


Chapter 14 Vocabulary Sheet


Chapter 14 Guided Reading 


Chapter 14 Notes

14-1 Immigrants and Urban Challenges   (Due By: 5/10/2017)

Immigrants and Urban Challenges (Google)


14-4 The Movement to End Slavery (Due 5/11/2017)

The Movement to End Slavery (Google)


14-5 Women's Rights (Due 5/12/2017)

Women's Rights (Google)


Chapter 15:The Nation continues to divide and the divisions are getting deeper and less likely to be repaired.  The divisions will lead to Abraham Lincoln's election, the secession of Southern States and the beginning of the civil war.



The Debate over Slavery leads to Trouble in Kansas DO NOT PRINT


Political Divisions cause the Nation to Divide DO NOT PRINT


Chapter 16: We are nearing the End of the Year and the Civil war is starting to wage on.  In the Next Chapter we will discuss the start of the war and the early hardships and battles in the war. We will then look at the emancipation proclamation and how it impacted the rest of the war.  We will then look at how the war was won and the costs for each side.


Chapter Materials:

Chapter 16 Homework Sheet


Chapter 16 Vocabulary Sheet 


Chapter 16 Guided Reading 


Chapter Notes:

Chapter 16-1 The War Begins(Due 5/24/2017)

Chapter 16-1 (Google)


Chapter 16-2 and 16-3: The War in the East and the West (Print By 5/25/2017)

Chapter 16-2 and 16-3(Google)


Chapter 16-4 Daily Life during the war (Print By: 5/26/2017)

Chapter 16-4 (Google)








Life in the Army 16-2 DO NOT PRINT


No End in Sight 16-3DO NOT PRINT


The Emancipation Proclamation 17-1DO NOT PRINT


War Affects Society 17-2DO NOT PRINT


The North Wins 17-3DO NOT PRINT


The Legacy of the War 17-4DO NOT PRINT

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